15 Apr 2013

Casting call for June webinar

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This post is all about shameless promotion, y’all: forewarned is forearmed :)

Do you work in a health sciences or hospital library setting? If so, have you, when faced with a barrier to the use of technology, gone around/leapt over/burrowed under or otherwise smashed through it in a creative way? If so, please contact me about participating in a SE/A Technology RAC-sponsored webinar which will feature a panel of fellow smartie-pants (pantses?) who have sneered in the face of technological hardship and lived to tell the tale.

Back in March, Andrea Wright, Technology Librarian at the University of South Alabama’s Biomedical Library presented (on behalf of the SE/A Technology RAC) the findings of our survey which centered around questions of  health librarian work environments, and the needs, interests, and challenges of those working with health and medical information. (If you missed the live event, you may view it here:  https://webmeeting.nih.gov/p38719690)

The impetus for the survey was the hope that by gathering such information our committee and the RML could help our constituents with their technology needs and interests- that we could use the information to plan future classes and presentations, better direct possible funding opportunities, and determine the best ways to help information professionals overcome perceived challenges related to technologies in specialized healthcare and academic settings.

During the process of creating the survey, the Tech RAC realized that it had an opportunity to offer our community a specific deliverable: instead of merely presenting the results in a webinar, why not create a second webinar that would showcase the brilliant ways in which colleagues from across the region have met the challenges of everything from lack of funding to firewalls to lack of institutional IT support?

And so it’s done: the webinar showcasing our community’s ingenuity is set for June. Unfortunately, y’all are being modest and I have yet to be contacted by a SINGLE PERSON who is willing to share his/her brilliance. It’s like I’m Boy George, and you’re Grumpy Cat:


Please: don’t be grumpy. If you or someone you know refused to bow to the constraints of time, environment, or resources and instead displayed mental fortitude in order to deliver technology to your patrons, TELL ME.

I can be reached via:

the contact form on this blog: http://gadgetechnica.hsl.virginia.edu/contact/

email: Kimberley@virginia.edu

Twitter: @KR_Barker

Skype: kimberleybarker1

Come on now, y’all, and don’t be shy :)