1 Feb 2016

Another year, another job description!

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While it’s an exaggeration to say that my position description changes annually- this will only be my FOURTH job change since I came to UVA in 2010, thank you very much- there’s no doubt that my position has undergone some renovations from the original “Emerging Technologies Librarian” role. I choose to believe that this is partly because I am just so awesome and multi-talented that the Library is just trying to keep up ;)

On a (slightly) more serious note, I believe that it speaks to the Library’s flexibility and willingness to try new things- I joke that my title should be “Library Coal Mine Canary”, with the slogan of, “Let’s send Kimberley to check this out and see how it goes” :)

Sadly, no: not that kind of canary.

Sadly, no: not that kind of canary.











And I would be lying through my teeth if I said that I didn’t love it. A bored Kimberley is a dangerous Kimberley who dyes her hair blonde, and paints her kitchen weird colours, and I’m so lucky that I am never, ever professionally bored.

In truth, many aspects of my job have remained the same since I originally came to UVA, with pieces being added, removed, and tweaked. The pieces that have remained consistent have been the exploratory/emerging tech and the teaching/consulting ones. One factor that plays into this latest reconstruction is the fact that my two-year, part-time contract with the School of Medicine’s Office of Faculty Development and Faculty Affairs ends in June. In looking ahead to June, my boss and I back-and-forthed until we were both happy with the following breakdown:

Marketing- 30%

Technology Education- 50%

Technology Advocacy- 15%

Professionalism- 5%

I’m really happy with this mix, as I believe that it plays to my strengths and expertise, and will give me the chance to take on even more things that interest me. I’ve been responsible for the Library’s social media for a few years now, but now I’ll be responsible for ALL of the marketing efforts, and I’m excited about that (really, really excited: you should see the spreadsheets!)

What I’m MOST excited about, though, is my title! While I haven’t minded the fact that my position description has changed (see above regarding boredom), I *have* minded that my title has changed. This is partially because I’ve had to repeatedly stop and think about what my title actually was at any given time, partially because my business cards can never keep up with the title changes, and partially because my titles never seemed to accurately and easily reflect the duties of my job.

And so it’s with great pleasure that I announce my new title, which I’m pretty sure that I made up:

Librarian for Digital Life!

Bright like a hipster light bulb!

Bright like a hipster light bulb!       










I like it for a lot of reasons:

It’s a conversation starter: “You’re a what now? What does that MEAN?”

It covers all aspects of my job: the topics that I teach; the marketing; the research areas that I explore. (Remember: I’m a librarian by training so I appreciate it when things are described accurately!)

And lastly, but no less important: it sounds really cool :)


What’s your job title? Do you like it? Hate it? Is it an accurate reflection of what you do?

I’d love to hear from you!