11 Mar 2016

The Claude Crate

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As I mentioned in a previous post, my position changed recently, and I’m now managing marketing for the Library. I’ve been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work in order to get a plan mapped out for the next twelve months, trying to get a handle on  the big picture, and meeting with stakeholders and members of the Marketing committee alike.

I’m also busy with planning events related to the celebration of the Library’s 40th anniversary (our anniversary party- with cake, natch- is on April 8th!)

Besides those things, I recently pitched an idea to the Marketing committee about library subscription boxes. Here’s the email that I sent:

“You know how subscription boxes are all the rage right now? Birchbox, ArtSnacks, LootCrate, etc? I thought that it might be interesting to try a Library monthly subscription “box”. We could offer it as a limited service (maybe 10 people) and run it for three months. I’d use a free newsletter software to make really attractive templates for each month, and we’d ask the 10 participants to fill out a Google form. We’d then use the data to “match” them with databases, blogs, books, journals, Twitter accounts, etc, that are compatible with their interests. If nothing else, it would be an interesting way to market the Library’s resources- even if it ended after only three months. What do you think?”

I'm pretty sure that Claude Crates will NOT include explosives...

I’m pretty sure that Claude Crates will NOT include explosives…

This would also be a good opportunity to test the aforementioned different email newsletter software, because I’d like for our director (and others) to have the option to send our Library news items in an email format. Many other health sciences libraries do this, and our director passes them on to us. It’s really helpful to see what our peers are doing/offering and, hey, we do lots of good stuff that is worth sharing with others, so why not?

I realize that this is going to be a LOT of work (especially the data matching part), so I’m going to try it during the summer after I’ve cleared some other things off of my work-plate. Pushing it off a bit will also give me time to work out how to market it, and whether or not I should stick with the name “Claude Crate”.


What do you think? Have you tried this at your library? If so, I’d love to hear how it went :)